Vision and Mission


    The vision of the Department of Atomic Energy is to empower India through technology, creation of more wealth and providing better quality of life to its citizen. This is to be achieved by making India energy independent, contributing to provision of sufficient, safe and nutritious food and better health care to our people through development and deployment of nuclear and radiation technologies and their applications.


    • Increasing share of nuclear power through deployment of indigenous and other proven technologies, along with development of fast breeder reactors and thorium reactors with associated fuel cycle facilities.
    • Building and operation of research reactors for production of radioisotopes and carrying out radiation technology applications in the field of medicine, agriculture and industry, cancer care, water related technologies, waste management etc.
    • Developing advanced technologies such as accelerators, lasers, supercomputers, advanced materials and instrumentation, and encouraging transfer of technology to industry.
    • Support to basic research in nuclear energy and related frontier areas of science; interaction with universities and academic institutions, Support to research and development projects having a bearing in DAE’s programmes, and international cooperation in related advanced areas of research, and
    • Contribution to national security.