Patents filed by Department of Atomic Energy

    Patents filed by Department of Atomic Energy
    S. No. Unit Title of the Invention Application No. Date of Filing Patent No. Type of Application
    1. BARC A method of chemically three dimensionally crosslinking polyvinyl alcohol 325/BOM/1980 29-Oct-1980 153797 India
    2. TMC Process for preparation of anti-leprosy vaccine 141/BOM/1981 16-May-1981 153031 India
    3. BARC A method of manufacturing mechanically stable three dimensionally cross-linked polyvinyl alcohol by an ionising radiation 171/BOM/1981 16-Jun-1981 153994 India
    4. BARC A device for removing human blood toxins 371/BOM/1983 25-Nov-1983 153999 India
    5. BARC A method of chemically three dimensionally crosslinking polyvinyl alcohol 392/BOM/1983 13-Dec-1983 153801 India
    6. BARC A method & device for in-situ casting of a tubular membrane directly on a porous tubule or capillary for use in reverse osmosis tubular modules. 46/BOM/1985 19-Feb-1985 162173 India
    7. BARC A method and a device for in-situ casting of a tubular membrane directly in a porous support tube for use in reverse osmosis tubular modules 47/BOM/1985 19-Feb-1985 162174 India
    8. BARC A reverse osmosis tubular module for use in a reverse osmosis plant 48/BOM/1985 19-Feb-1985 158830 India
    9. BARC A method for the manufacture of sulphide ion sensitive or selective silver sulphide electrode for use in electrochemical cells 49/BOM/1985 19-Feb-1985 160612 India
    BARC An improved reverse osmosis tubular module for use in a reverse osmosis plant 228/BOM/1986 14-Aug-1986 166048 India
    BARC A telescopic electrode seal device for use in a completely closed electric arc furnace and such a furnace having the same 297/BOM/1987 23-Sep-1987 166974 India
    TIFR A fixed mirror line focuses solar concentrator with cylindrical mirror elements. 100/BOM/1989 28-Apr-1989 172328 India
    BARC An improved method for the detoxification of fluorine containing aqueous effluent 258/BOM/1989 19-Sep-1989 167969 India
    BARC A porous electrode for use in a filter-press type high pressure alkaline water electrolyser cell module and a method of manufacturing the same. 31/BOM/1991 31-Jan-1991 172456 India
    BARC An integral bipolar plate for use in a filter-press type high pressure alkaline water electrolyser cell module and a method of manufacturing the same 32/BOM/1991 31-Jan-1991 172485 India
    BARC An improved filter-press type high pressure alkaline water electrolyser cell module 33/BOM/1991 31-Jan-1991 172486 India
    RRCAT A birefringent crystal lens light beam polariser 252/BOM/1991 03-Sep-1991 173464 India
    BARC A collapsible solar dryer 9/BOM/1992 07-Jan-1992 173519 India
    BARC A bio catalyst for the preparation of invert sugar syrup from aqueous sucrose solution and a method of making the same 27/BOM/1994 25-Jan-1994 177144 India
    BARC A continuous single step bio catalytic process for the preparation of invert sugar syrup from aqueous sucrose solution and a bioreactor for carrying out the same. 28/BOM/1994 25-Jan-1994 177145 India
    BARC A process for the preparation of an aqueous emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive (Also Refer 490/BOM/1997) 390/BOM/1994 12-Aug-1994 181789 India
    BARC A process for the preparation of a pectinolytic enzyme complex comprising polygalacturonase pectin Esterase and pectin Llyase from a new microbial strain of Aspergilus Niger van Tiegh 208/BOM/1995 02-May-1995 182245 India
    BARC A process for enzymatic liquefaction of unconventional fruits 209/BOM/1995 02-May-1995 182962 India
    BARC A high angular and spatial resolution phase gradient interferometer 424/BOM/1995 27-Sep-1995 183095 India
    BARC A highly cross-linked silicone membrane for liquid support and a method of making the same 220/BOM/1996 19-Apr-1996 185680 India
    BARC A process for the synthesis of 5,10,15,20-tetrakis[3,4-biscarboxymethyleneoxy)phenyl] porphyrin from 3,4-di(carbethoxymethyleneoxy) benzaldehyde for detection / treatment of tumours. 328/BOM/1996 25-Jun-1996 180992 India
    BARC A process for the synthesis of 5,10,15,20-tetrakis[3,4-biscarboxymethyleneoxy)phenyl] chlorin from 5, 10, 15, 20-tetrakis[3,4-di(carbethoxymethyleneoxy)phenyl] porphyrin for detection / treatment of tumours. 329/BOM/1996 25-Jun-1996 180480 India
    BARC A process for the manufacture of an unsupported integrally skinned asymmetric semipermeable polyether amide hydrazide polymeric membrane for use in reverse osmosis 397/BOM/1996 02-Aug-1996 186375 India
    BARC A solvent exchange cum immersion precipitation process for the manufacture of asymmetric semipermeable aromatic polyamide polymeric membrane for use in reverse osmosis 398/BOM/1996 02-Aug-1996 186210 India
    IGCAR A hydrogen sensor for measurement of diffusible hydrogen in weldment 413/BOM/1997 11-Jul-1997 186660 India
    IGCAR An optical probe for qualitative evaluation/measurement of defects in a ferromagnetic material component 438/BOM/1997 22-Jul-1997 186620 India
    IGCAR An optical probe for quantitative evaluation/measurement of defects in a ferromagnetic material component 439/BOM/1997 22-Jul-1997 186574 India
    BARC A process for the preparation of an aqueous emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive label (Divisional to 390/BOM/1994) 490/BOM/1997 18-Aug-1997 182181 India
    BARC A process for the preparation of an immunomodulator from the Ayurvedic medicinal Plant, Culvel (Tinospora Sp.) 56/BOM/1998 29-Jan-1998 183805 India
    IOP Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) nano crystalline particulates and thin film thereof particularly for use as luminescent or visible light emitting elements under UV irradiation & a single step process for the preparation of the same 234/BOM/1998 22-Apr-1998 187205 India
    TMC A process for isolating podophyllotox in from the genus podophyllum particularly the plant species Emodi Wall 235/BOM/1998 22-Apr-1998 187287 India
    TMC A process for the preparation of the anticancer drug N[4-{2,4diamino-6-pteridinyl}methyl] methylaminobenzoyl]-L-glutamic acid commonly known as methotrexate& pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof 236/BOM/1998 22-Apr-1998 182947 India
    IGCAR An acrylamide-based gamma ray dosimeter using ultrasonic 247/BOM/1998 28-Apr-1998 187206 India
    IGCAR An ultrasonic device for measuring residual monomer in a polymer solution particularly polyacrylamide 248/BOM/1998 28-Apr-1998 187485 India
    IGCAR An apparatus for producing laser-based etching on surfaces of articles of metals, alloys and ceramics. 427/BOM/1998 30-Jun-1998 189001 India
    BARC A method of preparing a mechanically strong hydrophilic polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel 456/BOM/1998 15-Jul-1998 187486 India
    TIFR A Process for the preparation of Anti-sera of protein named PV2 for detection of malaria 729/BOM/1998 20-Nov-1998 192707 India
    IGCAR A device for detecting defects such as scratches and cracks on an electrically conductive surface. 779/BOM/1998 02-Dec-1998 190427 India
    TIFR Switch useful at superconducting temperatures and comprising superconducting material 09/226299 07-Jan-1999 6184765 USA
    HWB A method for treating exhaust gas emission produced during combustion of coal in a coal combustion plant for reducing suspended particulate matters 31/BOM/1999 12-Jan-1999 194122 India
    IGCAR A modular device for generating high voltage impulses 97/BOM/1999 08-Feb-1999 191318 India
    IGCAR A modular device for generating high voltage impulses 98/BOM/1999 08-Feb-1999 191316 India
    TIFR A device for transduction of spatially patterned signals to and/or from oral surface 125/BOM/1999 24-Feb-1999 192082 India
    TIFR A system for projection and transmission of spatially and temporally patterned signals onto oral surface 126/BOM/1999 24-Feb-1999 191531 India
    TIFR A device for detection and acquisition of spatially & temporally patterned signals from oral surface 127/BOM/1999 24-Feb-1999 192719 India
    BARC A process for the preparation of Europium activated red emitting Yttrium phosphate vanadate phosphor with boron 222/BOM/1999 26-Mar-1999 194131 India
    TMC A process for the isolation of Recombinant nucleotide sequence comprising 1-2381 base pairs (bp) for early detection of oral cancer (Also Ref. 868/MUM/2001) 392/BOM/1999 24-May-1999 188744 India
    BARC An electronic device for recording blood flow signal variability 468/BOM/1999 28-Jun-1999 195350 India
    BARC A spiral wound dry polyamide element for membrane filtration and a method of making the same 553/BOM/1999 10-Aug-1999 194106 India
    BARC A method of making a supported dry asymmetric polyamide membrane for membrane filtration 554/BOM/1999 10-Aug-1999 194101 India
    BARC A high-pressure vessel for membrane filtration 555/BOM/1999 10-Aug-1999 195317 India
    IGCAR A device for detecting leaks in tubes 556/BOM/1999 10-Aug-1999 193457 India
    IGCAR A split coil probe for steel wire rope inspection 557/BOM/1999 10-Aug-1999 193458 India
    BARC A device for dynamic compensation of slow responding transducer 632/BOM/1999 08-Sep-1999 196522 India
    BARC An impedance cardio vasograph 635/BOM/1999 09-Sep-1999 196540 India
    BARC A one stage irradiation process for manufacture of hydrogel dressing free of synthetic plasticizers 731/BOM/1999 27-Oct-1999 192136 India
    BRIT An improved process for the preparation of magnetisable cellulose particle 805/BOM/1999 17-Nov-1999 193445 India
    BRIT A composition of magnetisable microcrystalline cellulose particle  806/BOM/1999 17-Nov-1999 193912 India
    IGCAR An improved process for producing mixed oxide coated titanium electrodes having enhanced life in electrochemical applications and the electrodes so prepared 807/BOM/1999 17-Nov-1999 195371 India
    BARC System for deposition of carbon films and process for the same 94/MUM/2000 31-Jan-2000 204221 India
    TIFR A process for manufacture of polymeric films with electro-active patterns printed on them 290/MUM/2000 30-Mar-2000 204360 India
    TIFR Preloaded parabolic dish antenna and the method of making it. 721/MUM/2000 01-Aug-2000 207809 India
    10/333967 24-Jan-2003 6911958 USA
    01813511-0 28-Jan-2003 CN100416920C China
    2001278672 17-Feb-2003 2001278672 Australia
    TIFR An apparatus for electro-reflectance and surface photo voltage spectroscopies in soft contact mode   846/MUM/2000 14-Sep-2000 204169 India
    HWB An improved process for preparing stabilized biological preparation such as oral polio vaccine (OPV). 158/MUM/2001 12-Feb-2001 197836 India
    TIFR A process for depositing electronic ceramic oxide thin films with controlled oxygen stoichiometry on different substrate materials 210/MUM/2001 27-Feb-2001 205887 India
    BARC Online process instrumentation loop calibrator 282/MUM/2001 27-Mar-2001 197786 India
    BARC A process for preparation of banana juice and banana powder from ripe bananas (Musa Cavendish) 336/MUM/2001 11-Apr-2001 189999 India
    BARC A process for the preparation of insect communication modifier from Zanthaxylum Alatum seed oil 405/MUM/2001 27-Apr-2001 190566 India
    BARC A low-cost digital pocket dosimeter 454/MUM/2001 14-May-2001 197797 India
    10/476258 27-Oct-2003 7009182 USA
    IGCAR An improved process for providing hard chromium nitride coating on substrates and a coated substrate so obtained. 637/MUM/2001 09-Jul-2001 198325 India
    IGCAR A process for the preparation of MgO stabilised beta alumina 638/MUM/2001 09-Jul-2001 215156 India
    TIFR A compact kit for the rapid detection and estimation of protonophoric pollutants in waste waters 646/MUM/2001 10-Jul-2001 198326 India
    BARC A process for production of Zinc Oxide based varistor from Zinc Ore 777/MUM/2001 09-Aug-2001 204633 India
    BARC A process for preparation of High Purity Zinc Oxide Powder from Zinc Calcine 778/MUM/2001 09-Aug-2001 204974 India
    BARC A process for producing disilicides of Molybdenum, tungsten and their Solid Solution 779/MUM/2001 09-Aug-2001 206958 India
    BARC Solvent extraction process for recovery of uranium from phosphoric acid (25-55% P2O5) 09/947349 07-Sep-2001 6645453B2 USA
    TMC A process for the preparation of a kit comprising recombinant nucleotide sequence comprising 1-2381 base pairs (bp) for early detection of oral cancer (Also Ref 392/BOM/1999 above) 868/MUM/2001 11-Sep-2001 189625 India
    TIFR An improved room temperature chemical vapour deposition process for the deposition of poly(phenylenevinylen) in the manufacture of organic based electronic devices 1025/MUM/2001 19-Oct-2001 215159 India
    IGCAR Process for in-situ preparation of electrolyte for measuring hydrogen in high temperature fluids 1028/MUM/2001 22-Oct-2001 198013 India
    IGCAR A measuring system for online measurement of corrosion rate of metals in an aqueous medium 1029/MUM/2001 22-Oct-2001 204092 India
    BRIT An improved method of detection of target nucleic acid sequence by nucleic acid amplification 487/MUM/2002 31-May-2002 196040 India
    2004-510475 29-Nov-2004 4457001 Japan
    IGCAR An improved apparatus for measuring forces between colloidal particles or droplets 500/MUM/2002 05-Jun-2002 195921 India
    IGCAR A Tuneable optical filter 501/MUM/2002 05-Jun-2002 196063 India
    BARC A process for the manufacture of novel composites of austenitic stainless steel and either commercially pure aluminium or any aluminium base alloy of 6 xxx series 643/MUM/2002 12-Jul-2002 241751 India
    TIFR A process for manufacture of half metallic ferromagnet with CrO2 or Composites of CrO2 chromium sesquioxide 783/MUM/2002 29-Aug-2002 204533 India
    10/525939 28-Feb-2005 7276226 USA
    RRCAT An apparatus and a method for optical tweezer-based system for trapping and controlled rotation of trapped microscopic objects. 935/MUM/2002 29-Oct-2002 205080 India
    TIFR A liquid phase epitaxy process for manufacturing separately confined strained heterostructure devices such as diode laser emitting at narrow wavelength region within 650-1600 nm 966/MUM/2002 05-Nov-2002 195956 India
    HWB Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration system with improved coefficient of performance 997/MUM/2002 18-Nov-2002 205574 India
    BARC Ultrafiltration Membrane water purification device 1090/MUM/2002 06-Dec-2002 195961 India
    BARC A Process for the treatment of Austenitic stainless steel 1089/MUM/2002 06-Dec-2002 200100 India
    IGCAR Stabilised magnetic emulsion and a process of making it 1134/MUM/2002 19-Dec-2002 205114 India
    IREL A process for recovery of high purity Uranium from fertilizer grade weak phosphoric acid 10/486507 11-Feb-2004 7192563 USA
    3733002.4 11-Feb-2004 1511869 Europe (validated in UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain & Italy)
    TIFR Process for manufacture of Novel compound exhibiting magneto-electric coupling and high dielectric constant at room temperature 409/MUM/2003 24-Apr-2003 203429 India
    BARC A pulser driven, helium-free Transversely Excited Atmospheric (TEA) pressure CO2 laser 10/612848 03-Jul-2003  6950453 B2 USA
    100. BARC Process for the preparation of Ceria nano powder suitable for optical polishing 708/MUM/2003 10-Jul-2003 207569 India
    101. BARC A batch reactor for producing metal oxides 707/MUM/2003 10-Jul-2003 207053 India
    102. BARC Device for measuring and quantitative profiling of charged particle beams 3758647.6 05-Jan-2006 1649487 Europe (Denmark, Germany & UK)
    103. BARC A process for treatment of waste water containing nitrate ions 764/MUM/2003 04-Aug-2003 222102 India
    104. RRCAT Apparatus and method for transport of microscopic object(s) 3818275.4 20-Feb-2006 1656680 Europe (validated in Italy, France, Germany & UK)
    204/MUMNP/2006 20-Feb-2006 240966 India
    10/569047 22-Feb-2006 7502107 B2 USA
    105. RRCAT A tuneable laser with a single tuning element and a wavelength selector operating in both side of a dispersive resonator 1056/MUM/2003 10-Oct-2003 198772 India
    106. BARC A method for maintaining freshness and extension of shelf life of cut-flowers 311/MUM/2004 12-Mar-2004 210507 India
    107. TIFR A novel compound exhibiting magneto-electric coupling and high dielectric constant at room temperature 623/MUM/2004 04-Jun-2004 225691 India
    108. NFC An electro mechanical method for cost effective 753/MUM/2004 14-Jul-2004 198509 India
    109. NFC A furnace for preparing low melting metal granules 894/MUM/2004 18-Aug-2004 231518 India
    110. RRCAT An improved sub-ambient Phase Change composition 1116/MUM/2004 18-Oct-2004 234952 India
    111. BRIT A Kit for the detection of target nucleic acid sequence by nucleic acid amplification 1401/MUM/2004 23-Dec-2004 235792 India
    112. BARC A prophylactic mixture for the simultaneous decorporation of radio-cesium (*Cs), radio-strontium (*Sr) and radio-iodine (*I) from in vivo milieu of the affected subjects. 11/794781 05-Jul-2007 7935366 B2 USA
    5736305.3 07-Jul-2007 1838617 Europe (validated in France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden & UK)
    2007-550020 10-Jul-2007 4885877 Japan
    113. TIFR Fluorescence Correlation microscopy with real-time alignment readout 5736243.6 14-Aug-2007 1848983 Europe (validated in Germany & UK)
    11/816387 15-Aug-2007 7705987 USA
    114. TIFR Prism Mount Adapter 504/MUM/2005 21-Apr-2005 244151 India
    115. RRCAT A system for Precision angular motion mechanism for alignment and positioning of optical elements 881/MUM/2005 25-Jul-2005 209080 India
    116. BARC Process for direct somatic embryogenesis from immature inflorescence segments of sugarcane 1178/MUM/2005 23-Sep-2005 243371 India
    117. SINP Separation of no-carrier-added thallium radionuclides from no-carrier-added lead & mercury radionuclides by dialysis 6711367.0 01-Apr-2007 1842207B1 Europe (validated in Germany & UK)
    2592374 20-Apr-2007 2592374 Canada
    11/794793 03-Jul-2007 7799226 USA
    118. BARC Enzymatic process for debittering of protein hydrolyate using immobilised peptidases 1435/MUMNP/2008 09-Jul-2008 252516 India
    119. TIFR A Novel assay for screening anti-psychotic drugs 11/405061 17-Apr-2006 7524639 USA
    4769641.4 17-May-2006 1692503 Europe (validated in Italy, France, UK, Germany & Sweden)
    120. BARC Emergency leak arresting device for a collared pipe 2545993 08-May-2006 2545993 Canada
    10-2006-0044404 17-May-2006 10-1202131 South Korea
    121. BARC Biometric technique for personal identification based on multiple patterns on fingers from nail side of the hand 1361/MUM/2006 30-Aug-2006 255627 India
    122. IGCAR A penetration enhancing flux formulation for Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding of austenitic Stainless steel and its application 1851/MUMNP/2007 05-Nov-2007 266346 India
    GB 0721629.4 02-Nov-2007 GB 2446905 UK
    2007-14987 28-Dec-2007 95076 Ukraine
    12/063664 12-Feb-2008 8097826 USA
    123. BARC A Method for Non-Intrusive on-line Detection of Turbine Blade Condition 12/525358 31-Jul-2009 9557210 USA
    1447/MUMNP/2009 30-Jul-2009 300828 India
    124. BRNS Zinc fertilizer formulation and process for producing the same 757/MUM/2007 19-Apr-2007 239929 India
    125. BRNS A Phosphorus fertilizer formulation and a process of making it 758/MUM/2007 19-Apr-2007 238485 India
    126. BARC Single stage purification for uranium refining 2007356815 08-Jan-2010 2007356815 Australia
    2707460 22-Jan-2010 2707460 Canada
    2010/01122 16-Feb-2010 2010/01122 South Africa
    127. BARC Method for stabilizing natural circulation systems, heat recovery system and heat removal media 2010-519567 03-Feb-2010 5555625 Japan
    128. IGCAR Non-ionic, porous, solid resin with chemically bonded crown ether 2010-526426 24-Mar-2010 5297462 Japan
    7870504.3 26-Apr-2010 2205672 Europe (validated in France)
    129. BRNS Process for preparing metal complexes of 1,3 diketones using ultrasound 1975/MUM/2007 04-Oct-2007 236638 India
    130. IGCAR A Process for Producing Body Centered Cubic (B2) Nickel Aluminide (NiAl) Coating of Controlled Thickness on Nickel-base Alloy Surfaces 2010121170 25-May-2010 2452791 Russia
    7870514.2 25-Apr-2010 2217736 Europe (validated in France)
    860/MUMNP/2010 27-Apr-2010 288175 India
    131. RRCAT A Method of qualifying Niobium and/or other super conducting materials for reliable fabrication of Superconducting Radio Frequency (SCRF) Cavities 11/978163 26-Oct-2007 8673820 USA
    132. BARC A hydraulic micrometer system for remote measurement of inside diameter of pipes and tubes and a method of such measurement 2690491 10-Dec-2009 2690491 Canada
    2309/MUMNP/2009 11-Dec-2009 327440 India
    12/668107 07-Jan-2010 8327556 USA
    133. IGCAR Process for Development of a High resistance Austenitic Stainless Steel  893/MUM/2008 21-Apr-2008 272698 India
    8159613.2 03-Jul-2008 2112237 Europe (validated in Germany, France & Sweden)
    134. IGCAR An innovative ‘cut-and-feed’ operation for enhancing the performance of ion-exchange chromatographic separation. 8874274.7 10-May-2010 2274075 Europe (validated in France)
    12/747465 10-Jun-2010 7976708B2 USA
    135. IGCAR Wash Solution suitable for use in Continuous Reprocessing of Nuclear Fuel and a System thereof 2011-503550 21-Jul-2010 5643745 Japan
    8875988.1 16-Jun-2010 2223305 Europe (validated in France)
    136. IGCAR A process for the treatment of cellulose-based waste for removal of hazardous materials and recovery of valuables. 2017/MUM/2008 22-Sep-2008 256258 India
    137. IGCAR A Method and Apparatus for “Block Encryption” and “Synchronous Stream Cipher (SSC). 892/MUMNP/2011 03-May-2011 Under Examination India
    138. BARC Colour indicator dosimeter for measurement of ionising radiation 12/250981 14-Oct-2008 7884339 USA
    139. RRCAT Generator of Collimated variable diameter hollow laser beam 2333/MUM/2008 03-Nov-2008 269505 India
    140. TMC A liquid based thin layer cytopreparation for liquid-based cytology 2376/MUM/2008 10-Nov-2008 282981 India
    141. IGCAR Single Fibre grid with improved spatial resolution in distributed optical fibre sensor system 696/MUM/2009 24-Mar-2009 280741 India
    142. BARC A polymer composite for extracting cesium from Nuclear Waste and / or other inorganic wastes / solutions 13/382905 06-Jan-2012 8828532 USA
    9764906.5 24-Jan-2012 2451574 Europe (validated in France)
    143. BARC A novel compound for separation of trivalent actinides from lanthanides and the process for preparation 2012-522336 27-Jan-2012 5497174 Japan
    13/388000 30-Jan-2012 8785691 USA
    200980160702 30-Jan-2012 201406100046200 China
    9804152.8 13-Feb-2012 2459522 Europe (validated in France)
    144. RRCAT Niobium based superconducting radiofrequency (SCRF) cavities comprising niobium components joined by laser welding 1177/MUMNP/2011 09-Jun-2011 341058 India
    13/377597 12-Dec-2011 9352416 USA
    9812469.6 29-Dec-2011 2496379 Europe (validated in France, Germany & Italy)
    2012-536015 23-Feb-2012 5632924 Japan
    145. TIFR Biological laser plasma X-ray point source 1421/MUMNP/2012 07-Jun-2012 356014 India
    146. IGCAR Improved path length fibre optic probe for on-line and off-line spectrophotometric assay 2801/MUM/2009 03-Dec-2009 291011 India
    147. BRNS Fire Retardant Intumescent High Density Rigid Polyurethane Foam for Specialty Applications 76/KOL/2010 28-Jan-2010 277138 India
    148. BARC A Flexible Magnetic Membrane based Actuation System and Devices Involving the same 13/582084 31-Aug-2012 9579434 USA
    2089/MUMNP/2012 03-Sep-2012 Under Examination India
    10745016.5 28-Sep-2012 2542271 Europe (validated in France & Germany)
    149. IREL An improved process for production of high-grade synthetic rutile from titaniferrous ores 782/CHE/2010 24-Mar-2010 289211 India
    150. TIFR An optical source, its method of preparation and its application thereof 1182/MUM/2010 09-Apr-2010 285356 India
    151. BARC A Finishing Device 1541/DEL/2010 01-Jul-2010 Under Examination India
    152. BRNS A single layer irradiated functional clay-polymer nanocomposite film and its method of preparation 2325/MUM/2010 18-Aug-2010 286015 India
    153. NFC A Tributyl Phosphate Nitrate (TBP) solvent extraction process for producing high purity nuclear grade rare earth metal oxide 13/877184 01-Apr-2013 9174855 USA
    154. BARC Micromachined Metal Diaphragm based Fabry-Perot Fibre Optics Sensor System and Data Processing involving the same 1321/MUMNP/2013 08-Jul-2013 359492 India
    155. IREL An Improved Process for Production of High Pure Submicron Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Powder from Zircon 3592/MUM/2010 31-Dec-2010 286134 India
    156. BARC A Tri-vane Spiral Vacuum Booster Device for Pumping High Volumetric Fluid at Low Pressure 1206/MUM/2011 12-Apr-2011 312335 India
    157. TIFR Novel plasmodium protein as malarial vaccine and drug target 1773/MUM/2011 17-Jun-2011 310142 India
    158. BRNS Improved process for the electrochemical synthesis of Palladium nanoparticles in ionic liquid as an electrolyte 1978/MUM/2011 08-Jul-2011 280179 India
    159. BRNS Conformal hydrodynamic nano-polishing machine and process 1929/MUM/2012 04-Jul-2012 336494 India
    160. IREL A process for producing ultrapure titanium dioxide from titan ferrous ore and slag sample 3704/MUM/2011 29-Dec-2011 277309 India
    161. BARC A 6-Axis Parallel Kinematic Manipulator 1146/MUM/2012 09-Apr-2012 Under Examination India
    162. IGCAR A novel method of Synthesis of Rhodium Metal Foam using room temperature ionic liquids 2271/MUM/2012 08-Aug-2012 279100 India
    163. IGCAR A method of preparation of Potassium Fluoroborate (KBF4) 2270/MUM/2012 08-Aug-2012 287491 India
    164. BARC A storage stable microbial decontaminated Litchi (Litchi Chinensis) with extended shelf life retaining pericarp colour and a process thereof 2484/MUM/2012 27-Aug-2012 333456 India
    165. BARC System and Method for nano-finishing of a work piece 380/DEL/2013 08-Feb-2013 Under Examination India
    166. BRNS Innovative, inexpensive and viable method for the isolation of novel antioxidant flavonoids from the weed, Coronopus Didymus 3135/MUM/2012 29-Oct-2012 Under Examination India
    167. IGCAR Apparatus and method for authenticating hard copy documents with images 2/MUM/2013 01-Jan-2013 Awaiting Examination India
    168. BARC A Dual-Purpose Atomic Device for Realising Atomic Frequency Standard and Magnetic Field Measurement 151/MUM/2013 17-Jan-2013 345150 India
    13/924580 23-Jun-2013 9097750 USA
    169. BARC A method for large-scale synthesis of optically stimulated luminescence grade polycrystalline ceramic material 252/MUM/2013 29-Jan-2013 341683 India
    13/925809 24-Jun-2013 9523033 USA
    170. BARC A wound dressing capable of in-situ NOx release and a process for manufacturing the same 3026/MUM/2013 19-Sep-2013 300809 India
    171. BARC An improved ground fault protection mechanism for quick detection and isolation of a ground fault to prevent damages in parallel or upstream circuits associated with electrical power supply system 3710/MUM/2013 26-Nov-2013 Under Examination India
    172. IGCAR Creep Machine for Conducting Creep Tests in Flowing Liquid Sodium with Enhanced Safety Features 3776/MUM/2013 02-Dec-2013 349533 India
    173. BARC A method for synthesis of resol beads with good control over their size 3986/MUM/2013 20-Dec-2013 Under Examination India
    174. BARC Thermal Plasma process for ‘inflight’ Dissociation of Zircon Mineral 616/MUM/2013 01-Mar-2013 303530 India
    175. BARC A Compact and Portable Pulse Applicable Airborne Strategic System 1295/MUM/2014 07-Apr-2014 Under Examination India
    15/301802 04-Oct-2016 10763034 USA
    14888741.7 04-Oct-2016 Under Examination Europe
    176. BARC Charged thin film composite nano-filtration membranes and process of its production 1902/MUM/2014 10-Jun-2014 308260 India
    177. BARC A transitional joint comprising of dissimilar metal joint and a diffusion bonding shrink fit process for producing the same 1992/MUM/2014 19-Jun-2014 Under Examination India
    178. IGCAR High Density Self Compacting Concrete and the method of preparing the same 2046/MUM/2014 25-Jun-2014 Under Examination India
    179. IREL A method and equipment for separating non-conducting and non-magnetic minerals 2014/08875 03-Dec-2014 2014/08875 South Africa
    180. RRCAT A method and device for tuning SCRF Cavity 15/022358 16-Mar-2016 10524346 USA
    2016-528072 06-May-2016 6259913 Japan
    15712694.7 05-May-2016 3266285 Europe (validated in Germany, France & Switzerland)
    201627027768 14-Aug-2016 371293 India
    181. IREL A process for production of pure Zirconium oxide from Zircon 1972/MUM/2015 19-May-2015 334038 India
    182. BARC Nanofiltration Membranes with Surface Negative Charge for Fractional Separation of Mono and Multivalent Ionic Species 2095/MUM/2015 29-May-2015 343289 India
    183. TIFR A decentralized information flow security model for multilevel security and privacy domains 14/733285 08-Jun-2015 9507929 USA
    184. BARC Energy Harvest System 1805/MUM/2015 06-May-2015 Under Examination India
    185. BRNS A Micro-Trench based Biochip Device for Screening of Infectious Diseases using Gold Nanoparticles / Nano Coating 3620/MUM/2015 23-Sep-2015 Under Examination India
    186. RRCAT Metal complex of chlorophyll derivative for magnetic resonance imaging and photodynamic therapy 4912/MUM/2015 29-Dec-2015 343156 India
    187. BARC A System, a Device and a Method for Passive Decay Heat Transport 16704275.3 15-Mar-2017 3405958 Europe (validated in France & Germany)
    15/517077 05-Apr-2017 10607740 USA
    2017-521143 13-Apr-2017 6650935 Japan
    188. TIFR Synthesis of Fibrous Nano-Silica Spheres with controlled Particle Size, Fibre Density, and Various Textural Properties 201621004089 04-Feb-2016 364791 India
    16/064898 21-Jun-2018 Under Examination USA
    16719907.4 27-Jun-2018 Under Examination Europe
    189. BRNS A System and Method for Micro-Drilling with Microwaves through Metallic Concentrator 201621004759 10-Feb-2016 Under Examination India
    190. BRNS Mechanical Grippers for handling Plurality of Micro-Components 201641005129 15-Feb-2016 Under Examination India
    191. BARC A Method for preparing Chlorine-dioxide releasing polymer 201621010449 28-Mar-2016 365155 India
    192. BARC A Method of adjuvant treatment with Chlorophyllin containing therapeutic preparation including for Radioprotection of normal tissues during radiation therapy and kit thereof 15/094679 08-Apr-2016 10183026 USA
    193. BARC System comprising Sun Ray Collimating Central Mirror and Heliostat to increase efficiency 201827036596 27-Sep-2018 Under Examination India
    194. RRCAT High Voltage DC Power Supply with full range 24 pulsed input and ripple free output for RF Amplifiers 201621014164 22-Apr-2016 Under Examination India
    15/226620 02-Aug-2016 10027122 USA
    16182878.5 04-Aug-2016 Under Examination Europe
    195. BARC A Method for making single integrated cut-through artistic design on metallic foil 201621014814 28-Apr-2016 Under Examination India
    196. IREL A process for the Production of Thorium Phosphate 2937621 02-Aug-2016 Awaiting Examination Canada
    2016210678 03-Aug-2016 Awaiting Examination Australia
    197. RRCAT Optical Rare-Earth doped fibre long period grating based ionizing radiation dose Sensor device 15/234064 11-Aug-2016 10101467 USA
    198. BARC Method for recovering gold using hollow-fibre membranes and dispersion based back extraction P200801301 25-Apr-2008 2327202 Spain
    199. BRNS A process for depositing hard, hydrophobic, mechanically, thermally and chemically stable polymer films on bell metal 1313/KOL/2010 19-Nov-2010 268130 India
    200. BRNS A novel method of depositing corrosion resistant metal nitride hard coating with nano particle strengthened nickel-based composite coatings as interlayer on steel substrates 359/DEL/2011 14-Feb-2011 290986 India
    201. BRNS Identification of Surrogate Protein Markers for Falciparum and Vivax Malaria using Proteomic Approaches 2195/MUM/2012 31-Jul-2012 336131 India
    202. BRNS Ceramic Filler, Method of preparing the Ceramic Filler and Applications as Resonator and Laminate thereof 14/228342 28-Mar-2014 9505902 USA
    203. IREL Solvent Extraction process for Rare Earths Separation through Partial Reflux of Rare Earths in Solvent based on Separation Factor 201621039660 21-Nov-2016 Awaiting Examination India
    15/649902 14-Jul-2017 10227676 USA
    204. BARC A pH Measurement System for Slurries in Batch Application 201721004748 09-Feb-2017 Under Examination India
    205. BRNS A process and System for Manufacturing of Formed Sheets and / or Components thereof with Offset Contours 201721006539 23-Feb-2017 Under Examination India
    206. BARC Air Plasma Torch 201721012999 11-Apr-2017 Under Examination India
    207. BARC A Process for making Carbon Nanotube Incorporated Ballistic Resistant Armour Panels 201721015925 05-May-2017 Under Examination India
    208. BRNS Process for Preparing Cucurbituril in High Yield 4510/MUM/2015 01-Dec-2015 Under Examination India
    209. BARC A process for the removal of 99Tc from liquid intermediate level waste of spent fuel reprocessing 2018-537517 17-Jul-2018 Under Examination Japan
    16/076523 08-Aug-2018 10553324 USA
    17742862.0 29-May-2018 3417461 Europe (validated in France & UK)
    210. BARC A Coupling Device for joining Solid / Hollow Shafts 201721019536 03-Jun-2017 Under Examination India
    211. IPR An improved Method of Manufacturing Actively Cooled Accelerator Grid with full penetration Weld Configuration 201721023589 05-Jul-2017 Under Examination India
    17188542.9 30-Aug-2017 Under Examination Europe
    15/709706 20-Sep-2017 10480863 USA
    212. AMD A Filter with Developed Sorbent Composite Material for removing Toxic Metal Contaminants for Aqueous Systems 201721029532 21-Aug-2017 Awaiting Examination India
    213. SINP A Methodology on Independent Control Over Density and Size of Nano-Clusters for Device Applications 201831001324 11-Jan-2018 Under Examination India
    214. IPR High Voltage DC Power Supply Circuit 201821002553 22-Jan-2018 Under Examination India
    102018114437.7 15-Jun-2018 Under Examination Germany
    215. BRNS Flame Retardant Transparent liquid based on novel functionalized Graphene Quantum Dot 201821006525 21-Feb-2018 369812 India
    216. RRCAT An improved laser welding method for enhanced weld quality and enhanced surface smoothness 202027031799 24-Jul-2020 Under Examination India
    16/999814 21-Aug-2020 Under Examination USA
    217. BARC Multifunctional Superabsorbent Cotton and Process for Preparation thereof 201821007235 26-Feb-2018 353741 India
    218. RRCAT A liquid Nitrogen based portable refrigeration system for carrying refrigerated goods 201821009008 12-Mar-2018 Under Examination India
    201810504018.3 23-May-2018 Awaiting Examination China
    219. IPR A Wideband Hybrid High Power MW Level CW Radio Frequency (RF) Combiner / Splitter 201821011151 26-Mar-2018 Under Examination India
    220. IPR MW Level CW Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) Coaxial Radio Frequency (RF) Switch 201821011443 27-Mar-2018 Under Examination India
    221. IPR A Method of Manufacturing Radio Frequency (RF) Coil Multi-Driven RF based Negative Ion Source 201821014176 13-Apr-2018 Awaiting Examination India
    16/058195 08-Aug-2018 11014187 USA
    18175976.2 05-Jun-2018 Under Examination Europe
    222. TIFR Human Neural Precursor Cells with Inducible STIM1 Knockdown 201841014670 18-Apr-2018 Under Examination India
    19169712.7 17-Apr-2019 Awaiting Examination Europe
    16/386907 17-Apr-2019 Awaiting Examination USA
    223. TIFR Method and electronic device for providing image-based CAPTCHA challenge 15/937865 28-Mar-2018 10949523 USA
    224. IPR Split Plasma Anode Fire-ball based Ion Source for both Nanopatterning and Thin Film deposition 201821021321 07-Jun-2018 Awaiting Examination India
    225. IPR A Method for increasing the life of Cutting Tools 201821022517 15-Jun-2018 Under Examination India
    226. BARC Fixative Composition for Preservation and Recovery of Leucocytes of Biological Samples 201821023662 25-Jun-2018 Awaiting Examination India
    227. BARC Leak Arresting Gripper for Pipes 201821024273 29-Jun-2018 Under Examination India
    228. IPR Displacement Decoupling System for Rigid Vacuum Jacketed Cryogenic Piping 201821029220 03-Aug-2018 Under Examination India
    18203798.6 31-Oct-2018 3604713 Europe (validated in France, Italy, Germany & Switzerland)
    16/179035 02-Nov-2018 10738914 USA
    229. BRNS A novel universal multi-nutrient soil extractant for assessing bio-availability of nutrients in soil 201821031273 21-Aug-2018 358936 India
    230. BARC Production of dilute Pb (0.2 to 1.1 wt %) – Li Alloys 18773618.6 18-Feb-2021 Awaiting Examination Europe
    231. IPR A Novel Cryogenic Vacuum Producing System (CVPS) 201821035710 21-Sep-2018 Under Examination India
    232. IGCAR A Method for Diffusion Bonding of Piezoelectric Crystal to Metal Wear Plate PCT/IB2019/052373 23-Mar-2019 Under Examination PCT
    233. BARC Use of Jack bean Lectin for increasing the abundance of hematopoietic stem cells and progenitor cells in bone marrow and/or epidermal stem cells in skin in vivo 16/239280 03-Jan-2019 10918695 USA
    19159260.9 26-Feb-2019 Under Examination Europe
    234. BARC Process for Determination of parts per billion (ppb) levels of Total Iron in Boiler Coolant water 201921009009 08-Mar-2019 351799 India
    235. RRCAT A Pass-Through Type Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet Beam Visualizer Device based on Rare-Earth Doped Transparent Ceramic 201921009442 11-Mar-2019 Under Examination India
    236. BARC A Novel Versatile Phoswich Detector consisting of two Single Crystals to discriminate various kinds of Radiations 16/358427 19-Mar-2019 10942283 USA
    237. BRNS Metal-Carbon Aerogel Composite Electrode, Aerogel Supercapacitors, Process of the same and Application thereof 201921012033 27-Mar-2019 Under Examination India
    238. BARC Method for Bio-beads Development for Normal and Saline Wastewater Treatment 201921015793 21-Apr-2019 Under Examination India
    239. IPR System and Method for Screening Chest X-Ray Image for Diagnosis 201921016615 26-Apr-2019 Under Examination India
    240. BARC Process for Uranium removal from near neutral aqueous solution by freshly prepared fine ferrichydride generated during ultrasonic assisted corrosion of mild steel wool 16/733388 03-Jan-2020 Awaiting Examination USA
    241. BARC Single Step Process for Continuous Production of High Purity Carbon Nanotube Wool having Tuneable Semiconducting or Metallic Characteristics 201921029932 24-Jul-2019 Awaiting Examination India
    242. IPR Method for Developing W-Cu Functionality Graded Composites Using High Energy Ball Milling and Spark Plasma Sintering 201921037414 17-Sep-2019 Under Examination India
    243. IGCAR Developing Protocol for Depositing Adhesive, Durable and Protective Layers of Homogenous Y2O3 coating on the Interior Surface of Quartz Tube by Solution Technique 201921046301 14-Nov-2019 366061 India
    244. IPR Development of Flexible High Temperature Superconductor (HTS) Cable for Shaped Coils 201921047510 21-Nov-2019 Under Examination India
    245. IPR Vacuum Compatible Device for Measurement of Work Function and Alkali Metal Atom Flux PCT/IN2019/050962 28-Dec-2019 Under Examination PCT
    246. TIFR Magnesium Nanoparticles to Capture and Convert CO2 to Methane and Methanol PCT/IN2020/050458 21-May-2020 Under Examination PCT
    247. TIFR Process for the Creation and Tuning of Defects in Nano-silica to produce Defected Nano-silica 202021001440 13-Jan-2020 366272 India
    248. TIFR Process for Developing Dendritic Plasmonic Colloidosomes as Nano-Heaters and Nano-Catalysts 202021001441 13-Jan-2020 Awaiting Examination India
    249. IGCAR Remotely Operated Self-Locking Fixture for Wall Mounted Equipment for Contaminated Enclosures 202021002021 16-Jan-2020 Under Examination India
    250. IGCAR Leak Tight Flange and Gasket Assembly 202021002023 16-Jan-2020 Awaiting Examination India
    251. BARC Escherichia coli Cell Factory for Producing Recombinant Phosphopeptides 202021008606 28-Feb-2020 Under Examination India
    252. TIFR A Method for producing Stable Lithium Silicates Nano-sponges for capturing CO2 202021008717 29-Feb-2020 Awaiting Examination India
    253. BARC Apparatus for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Cylindrical objects using gamma-ray emitting radioisotope source 202021011942 19-Mar-2020 Awaiting Examination India
    254. BARC Use of 3,3′-Di-Seleno-Dipropionic Acid (DSePA) as an Anti-Cancer Agent 17/003420 26-Aug-2020 Under Examination USA
    255. TIFR Acidic Amorphous Aluminosilicates (AAS) Solid Acid for Catalysis, Plastic Degradation and CO2 to Fuel Conversion 202021040554 18-Sep-2020 Awaiting Examination India
    256. HWB Asymmetric Rotating Impeller Extraction Column 202021043260 05-Oct-2020 Under Examination India
    257. TIFR Cryogenic Apparatus and An Interconnected Network Thereof for Multi-Core Quantum Processor Architecture 202021047505 30-Oct-2020 Awaiting Examination India (Provisional)
    258. BARC Liposomes and A Process for Preparing the Same Using Supercooled Micelle and Emulsion 202021051229 25-Nov-2020 Awaiting Examination India
    259. BARC Mechanically Reliable Water Repellent Finish Breathable Cotton Fabric and Electron Beam Assisted Bio-inspired Preparation Process of the Same 202021052418 02-Dec-2020 Awaiting Examination India
    260. BARC Ni-Cr-Mo Based Superalloy Age Hardened by Ni3(Cr, Mo, Ti, W) Phase Particles 202021053024 05-Dec-2020 Awaiting Examination India
    261. BARC Modular and Compact Helical Biodegradable Waste Converter 202121000812 07-Jan-2021 Awaiting Examination India
    262. BARC Process to Determine parts per billion levels of Ammonia in Water with Emphasis on Boiler Coolant Water 202121004484 02-Feb-2021 Awaiting Examination India
    263. BARC Inductively Driven Pellet Accelerator and Injector 21172618.7 06-May-2021 Awaiting Examination Europe
    264. IPR Magnetic Flowmeter for Electrically Conducting Liquids 202121006697 17-Feb-2021 Awaiting Examination India
    265. BARC Preparation of Fiber Fortified Idli – Using Legumes (other than Urad) and Hydrocolloids – with Improved Textural Properties 202121007181 20-Feb-2021 Awaiting Examination India
    266. BARC A Chlorophyllin Containing Pharmaceutical Composition for Prevention of Pathogenesis of Coronavirus Disease 21162765.8 16-Mar-2021 Awaiting Examination Europe
    17/214450 26-Mar-2021 Awaiting Examination USA
    267. TIFR RNA Elution Active System Using Dentritic Fibrous Nano-silica (DFNS) 202121011175 16-Mar-2021 Awaiting Examination India
    268. BARC Novel Magneto-Liposomes for Active Fibrosarcoma Tumour Targeting and Combinatorial Chemo-, Radio- and Magnetic Hyperthermia Therapy of Cancer 202121012799 24-Mar-2021 Awaiting Examination India
    269. BARC A Method of Preparation of Forward Osmosis Membrane using Synthesized Poly(sulfone-co-amide) Polymer 202121021115 10-May-2021 Awaiting Examination India
    270. BARC Synbiotic Chutney 202121025621 09-Jun-2021 Awaiting Examination India