Press Release and information on recently confiscated Uranium in Mumbai

    Publish Date: May 13, 2021

    Recently, a material weighing about 7 kg was confiscated by Maharashtra Police from two suspected persons. Department of Atomic Energy further clarifies that:

    I. Natural Uranium seized in this case is currently in the safe custody of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE).

    II. Natural Uranium is used as fuel in nuclear power generation and among non-nuclear applications it can be used as shielding material in teletherapy units and as counter weight material in aircraft etc.

    III. The Natural Uranium is a radioactive element, it emits alpha particles, which are stoppable even by thin paper sheet or human skin. However, ingestion of Natural Uranium particles can cause harm to living beings (both radiological and chemical).

    IV. Further detailed investigations on the matter are being carried out by the relevant investigating agencies.

    V. The incident has been reported to the Incident and Trafficking Database (ITDB) of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

    VI. India has a robust legal and regulatory framework for safety and security of nuclear and radioactive materials.

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