Radiotherapy Machine for Cancer Treatment



India has 231 isotope based and 36 accelerator based radiation therapy machines. As per one assessment by WHO & IAEA, developing countries like India need one radiation therapy machine per million of population. Accordingly, India needs at least 1000 such machines for cancer treatment. There is a wide gap between the requirement and availability due to exorbitant cost of purchase (typically Rs 7-8 crore) and maintenance of imported machines.


In view of the situation in India, Department of Atomic Energy took up the development of radiotherapy machine for treatment of malignant tumors in cancer patients. The machine being developed at the Centre for Advanced Technology (CAT), is a multimode machine with 12 MeV electron accelerator called Microtron as source of radiation. The radiotherapy machine can provide dual photon & triple electron energies and can be used in stationary beam therapy mode as well as rotational beam therapy mode. The machine is at present under commissioning at CAT.