Technology Transfer


Digital Pocket Radiation Dosemeter:


Developed at BARC, the Digital Pocket Radiation Dosemeter, DIGIDOSE is a semi-conductor detector based, low cost, digital radiation dosemeter. It provides continuous digital readout of X- & gamma radiation dose over a wide range (1 microSv to 99999 microSv ). It works on a pair of coin type lithium battery cells. The battery life exceeds three months if used for 8 hours a day in a 10 microSv/hr radiation field. The dosemeter is available in two models, Model I & II, which differ in the size & type of LCD display used. In another very low cost variation (RADCLICK), the LCD display is dispensed with and a beep tone is produced for every 0.05 microSv of accumulated dose.




  1. Radiation detected: X & Gamma radiation (>40KeV)
  2. Detector used: PN junction Si semi-conductor
  3. Range of measurement: 1 microSv to 99999 microSv
  4. Energy dependence: Within ±25% from 60KeV to 1.2MeV



Personnel monitoring of radiation workers in nuclear power stations, isotope laboratories, industrial radiography installations, diagnostic & therapeutic radiology centres, etc.


Vibro-thermal Disinfestor for Food Grains:


Vibro-thermal disinfestor also developed at BARC is a simple electrically operated device for disinfestations of food grains. Insects in all their development stages are susceptible to killing by heat when exposed to temperatures of 550 to 600C for 30 minutes. The process is rapid, non-chemical alternative to fumigation and kills all developmental stages of stored grain insects. The system is amenable for scale up and is mobile. The treatment has no effect on germination of seeds. Its capacity is of 40 kg/hr.


The system is simple, can be fabricated without much capital investment and useful for farmers, merchants and exporters of food grains.


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