Nuclear India

Published by the
Department of Atomic Energy
Government of India
Vol. 36/No. 3-4/September-October 2002



Transverse gas flow continuous wave carbon dioxide laser developed by CAT for industrial applications:



High power continuous wave carbon dioxide (CWCO2) laser is a versatile tool of high precision for carrying out various material processing operations such as cutting of metallic and non-metallic sheets, welding, surface hardening, surface alloying, cladding and glazing. The Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, has developed high power CW CO2 lasers up to 12 kW power and a high repetition rate pulsed CO2 laser of 500 W for industrial applications. Design and development of these lasers is an area of advanced technology, where CAT, has made significant ontribution and has adequate expertise. The 3.5 kW transverse gas flow CW CO2 laser shown above, integrated with the CNC x-y table has been developed for various industrial applications, such as profile cutting of steel sheets up to 15 mm thickness, welding of similar/dissimilar metals upto 3 mm depth, surface hardening/surface alloying of engineering components, surface cladding for refurbishing worn out components and rapid prototyping using metal powders etc.