Nuclear India

Published by the
Department of Atomic Energy
Government of India
Vol. 36/No. 1-2/July-August 2002




For a country as large as India, cancer care is not easily accessible to economically weaker patients, especially those in remote areas. By the time such patients reach the expert-nodes, cancer attains gruesome stage. If information, consultation, help and guidance could be provided to cancer patients in their own hometowns or nearby places, it would greatly ease their financial and physical burden.


Tata Memorial Centre (TMC), grant-in-aid institute under the aegis of the Department of Atomic Energy, has now brought the state-of-the-art cancer diagnosis and treatment at the doorsteps of villagers. The Telepathology Programme of the Tata Memorial Hospital of TMC, which uses the latest strength of Information Technology has taken shape at Barshia small town in district Sholapur of Maharashtra, which is one of thousands of rural Indian towns. The tele-link between Barshi and TMH exchange images of cytology smears and histology sections using the telecommunication link, for expert opinion, ensuring high quality expertise to rural areas.


From a small beginning and with the support from the Tata Memorial Hospital, Barshi has now become an important centre for cancer detection and treatment of patients, which caters to a large number of surrounding villages and towns.