RRCAT develops e-Beam Facility for Medical, Agricultural and Industrial Applications


RRCAT e-Beam Facility

Linear Accelerator for Electron-Beam Facility Indigenously Developed by RRCAT


A multi-purpose electron-beam (e-beam) processing facility for medical, agricultural and industrial applications has been set up by the Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT) at Indore, Madhya Pradesh.


Advantages of e-Beam Processing

The facility uses high-energy electrons from the particle accelerator as the radiation source. Unlike conventional radioactive sources, like cobalt-60,that emit gamma-radiations continuously, accelerator-based sources can be switched on or off as and when required, and are thus considered inherently more secure. Furthermore, compared to radioactive sources, the processing time using an e-beam based facility is typically lesser by an order of magnitude. Globally, the e-beam technology is being increasingly applied for radiation processing.


Indigenous Development

The facility is based on the indigenously developed electron Linear Accelerator (LINAC) and is being used for sterilization of medical devices. This versatile facility is also being used for irradiation experiments on seeds for mutation breeding, grains for minimising post-harvest losses, irradiation of gems and power electronics devices.


Regulatory Clearance and Licenses

This 10 MeV, 6 kW e-beam facility is licensed by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board AERB. It has also been accorded Food and Drug Administration FDA license for radiation processing of Risk Class-A medical devices and ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications for providing electron beam processing services for sterilization of medical devices.


Versatile Applications

Medical devices including surgical dressing material, nasopharyngeal catheter, specimen receptacles, disposable perfusion sets, umbilical occlusion device, bolster suture and alcohol swabs can be processed using the facility. Experience gained at this facility will also be used to develop Standard Practice for radiation processing of healthcare, food & allied products.


The facility is open for e-beam based irradiation services. It is also providing radiation processing facilities to universities and R&D institutions for experimental work.



This indigenous development is a significant step in deploying Lab-to-Land technologies for medical, societal and industrial applications for building an AtmaNirbhar Bharat.


RRCAT e-Beam Facility

Medical Devices Processed using RRCAT Electron-Beam Facility