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  • Sections of this portal:

Provides summary of what each section of the Portal contains.

  1. Photo Gallery
    Photo Gallery contains photographs of DAE events like Tradefair, Shilpotsav etc.
  2. News
    Read the daily headlines and detailed National/International news.
  3. Related Links
    You can find links related to DAE website which are displayed in this section.
  4. Tenders/Notices
    View tenders and notices uploaded by DAE for different sections.
  5. Feedback
    You can send the feedback about DAE using Feedback form given in the footer link section.
  6. Site Map
    A index based representation of the contents on this Portal. It is organized hierarchically, breaking down the Portal's information into increasingly specific subject areas.
  7. Search
    Search through the contents of this Portal by giving appropriate key-words.
  • Using the Search Facility:
    You can search for documents with entries that contain:
  1. Any one of the words you specify
  2. All of the words you specify
  3. If you search for more than one word, the way you separate the words determines how Search Server performs the search.
    1. Words separated by spaces or commas or and operator
    2. Words separated by or operator
    3. Words enclosed by quotation marks
  • Accessibility:
  1. Changing the Text Size:
    1. Largest: Displays information in the largest font size.
    2. Larger: Displays information in a font size larger than the standard font size.
    3. Medium: Displays information in a standard font size which is the default size.
    4. Smaller: Displays information in a font size smaller than the standard font size.
    5. Smallest: Displays information in the smallest font size.
  2. To change the text size:
    Select Accessibility Options. The Accessibility Options page is displayed. From the Text Size section, select the appropriate text size. Click Apply. Changing the color scheme refers to applying a suitable background and text color that ensures clear readability.

  3. Changing Contrast:
    There are two options provided to you to change the color scheme. These are:
    1. High Contrast: Applies the black color as the background and suitable colors to the text on the screen to improve readability.
    2. Standard Contrast: Brings the screen back to its original appearance.

To change the color scheme:
Select Accessibility Options. The Accessibility Options page is displayed. From the Contrast Schemes section, select the appropriate contrast. Click Apply.


Note: Changing the color scheme does not affect the images on the screen.