Indigenous TeleECG machine operationalised at the President Estate Clinic




In a proud moment for DAE, the teleECG machine developed by BARC has been operationalised at the President Estate Clinic at the Rastrapati Bhavan. The machine was demonstrated to the Hon'ble President during His recent visit to BARC. A team of scientists from BARC handed over a 12-channel TeleECG machine to Dr. P. K. Srivastava, Physician to the President of India.


TeleECG technology has been been transferred to several companies including the Electronic Corporation of Indian Ltd. (ECIL) and more technology transfers are are in the offing. ECIL is manufacturing and distributing the TeleECG machines to Primary Health Clinics under its CSR programme.


About TeleECG: BARC has developed handheld 12-Channel Tele-ECG, which is a portable, light weight Mobile Controlled ECG machine and capable of simultaneous acquiring all 12 channels of ECG in Real time. The machine can be connected to Mobile/PC via Bluetooth and the report is generated in the form of an image that can be sent to the expert via MMS or internet. Read More