Heavy Water Plants of HWB win Indian Chemical Council Awards


 The Indian Chemical Council (ICC) Awards are held in high esteem and well recognized by the Indian industry which are annually selected and distributed based on meritorious selection. ICC AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ENERGY CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT for the year 2018 was given on 27th September to HEAVY WATER PLANT, HAZIRA (HEAVY WATER BOARD). ICC has also conferred the CERTIFICATE OF MERIT FOR EXCELLENCE IN MANAGEMENT OF ENVIRONMENT on HEAVY WATER PLANT, MANUGURU(Heavy Water Board).



Shri P.K. Mallik, GM Hazira and Shri JP Verma, GM KRIBHCO receiving the award from ICC.


Shri VVSA Prasad, Dy. GM Manuguru and Shri GSSVJ.Sarma, Supt. (S&E) receiving the award from ICC.