Achievement of HWP, Hazira


Heavy Water Plant Hazira

HWP, Hazira - Indigenously built 2nd Generation Plant


HWP, Hazira has achieved 101.12 MT production during 2018-19, crossing 100 MT after 14 long years since 2003-04, with record lowest ever specific energy consumption of 22.92 GJ/Kg D2O since inception of plant among all HWPs due to untiring efforts by team HWB and cooperation by KRIBHCO Ltd.

HWP-Hazira is a twin-stream (A & B) Heavy Water Plant based on the Mono-Thermal NH3-H2 Exchange Process. Plant is linked to two-stream ammonia plants of M/s KRIBHCO Ltd for supply of feed synthesis gas, which is routed through the HWP-Hazira for recovery of deuterium before it is converted to ammonia and urea. Plant is designed for yearly production of 110 MT. The plant was commissioned in December 1990 and commercial production started from 15th January, 1991. Since its commissioning, plant has been operating on continuous basis and completed about 28 years of successful operation.

Concerted efforts were made to maximize the on-stream hours of plant by working on the unplanned shutdowns genesis. This saved the loss of deuterium due to shutdowns. As a result, plant achieved highest continuous productive days during the current year. Plant-A had the longest ever continuous run of 286.7 days before it was taken for shut down for Major Turnaround (MTAA) on 08/05/2019, beating the previous highest of 233.7 days achieved in 2003. Plant-B too completed a continuous run of 244.82 days before taken for MTA jobs, which was also higher than the previous best.